The person who is apparently the father of enneagram, Oscar Ichazo (b

The person who is apparently the father of enneagram, Oscar Ichazo (b

1931), spoke away from enneagons (nine-pointed figures, closed within the a circle, having straight outlines hooking up for every single point to one or two someone else) and you will ego fixations equal to each one of the nine activities. (Multiple present claim that Ichazo discovered of enneagram through Ouspensky’s site off Gurdjieff, however, Ichazo rejects which.) The guy called their program Arica, after the seaside area in north Chile, around the Peruvian border, where he launched his first college inside 1971. In the early nineties, there have been «40 approximately Arica studies locations, found in the United states, South america, Europe and you will Australian continent.»*

The newest Arica program comprises a human anatomy out-of practical and theoretic studies when it Apps für Android Dating App Bewertung wollen comes to a nine-level ladder of coaching applications aimed at the development of the human being. The new Arica program observes that the system and you may psyche was including 9 separate but really interconnected solutions. Types of imbalances in these options are known as «fixations». These types of 9 independent elements is illustrated of the enneagons— 9 directed figures you to definitely map the human being psyche. [T]listed here are eight important enneagons from the 9 pride fixations. For this reason, the fresh enneagons make-up the new architectural maps regarding a human mind . [and] bring helpful information by which a man can get better learn yourself and you will your relations with people. A pride obsession are an accumulation of existence feel organized during your youthfulness and and this molds an individual’s identification. Arica degree seeks to get over the brand new manage and you may influence of your own ego fixations and so the personal may return to the inner equilibrium that she or he was created.

Ichazo tends to make claims for example ‘the prominent passions of your Indolent fixation are Sloth; the fresh dominating passions of the Bitterness fixation is actually Outrage; in addition to dominant passions of one’s Flattery obsession try Pleasure.’ In a nutshell, he arranged an excellent typology away from «ego fixations» according to the ancient Religious thought of the newest 7 resource vices (seven deadly sins) including concern and you will deceit.

Ichazo is actually called the «extension of Gurdjieff» because of the filmmaker Alexandro Jodorowsky («El Topo,» «The newest Holy Hill»), whom claims to has actually spent a weekend broadening their awareness with Ichazo and LSD, according to Jay Babcock. It is sensed by specific coaches of enneagram one to Gurdjieff discovered new enneagram regarding Sufi positives, and therefore he had been competed in the newest strange arts just off Sufism however, of your cabala and Zen. They are considered features learned fighting styles, yoga, Buddhism, Confucianism, the newest We Ching and you can alchemy. Sam Enthusiastic (1973) says you to Ichazo told your the guy first started knowledge brand new enneagram once expenses a week during the a great «divine coma.» Ichazo denies it. Ichazo says that he has a technological cause for their concept off personality sizes, ego fixations, etcetera. The guy rejects one his impression was basically predicated on visions and you may wisdom obtained from numerous modern provide and you can easily blended to your an enthusiastic amalgam away from strange psychobabble. The fresh new Federal Catholic Reporter, not, says one to:

But when I point out that I watched the entire program out of enneagrams as in a plans, it actually was a mention of so it understanding away from imagine in which I’m able to believe the complete system shortly after unnecessary numerous years of faithful, serious work

Ichazo advertised getting discover the latest character kind of meaning of the fresh new enneagram whilst in a pretty happy state otherwise hypnotic trance lower than the brand new influence of some spirit or angelic getting: the fresh new Archangel Gabriel, the brand new “Environmentally friendly Qu’Tub” [a beneficial Sufi spiritual grasp] or Metatron, the fresh prince of one’s archangels.

I didn’t found which material out-of one archangel otherwise entity at all, . it absolutely was the latest fresh fruit of an extended, cautious, and you will faithful study of the human being mind together with fundamental troubles out-of viewpoints and you can theology. shortly after functioning ages on the enneagrams, I’m able to visualize him or her in identical means that’s seen inside the tantric visualizations that be more brilliant and you may obvious than just one thing that we normally perceive with our ordinary senses.

This is what I needed to grant during my post one to reads:

«They concerned me personally, 108 in most, as in an eyesight, indicating the interior relations having complete clearness, in the 1954 within the Santiago, Chile. just in the morning I the newest proprietor of one’s start of which tradition, as well as, as well as be seriously and concretely shown, the main one hundred and eight enneagrams therefore the whole system into the all of the its terms and conditions have been developed from the myself, only and exclusively, and i am over prepared to competition it in public. ( webpages now defunct)

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